Message: Cozy Powell – 20 years down the line (5 April)


Brian May’s message sent for occasion of Cozy Powell’s 20th Anniversary commemorative lunch (5 April 2018), as unable to attend:


Hi Folks

Brian here.

What a wonderful thing to do to get together to commemorate Cozy and it’s 20 years down the line. I can hardly believe it. You know I wanted to be with you but I can be with you at least in spirit on video.

What can I say except I miss him as a brother. We had such an amazing time together and Cozy really gave me the confidence to step outside of Queen and do things on my own and with somebody who had great sympathy for where I was at and I felt I had great sympathy for where he was at, you know, and we brought our respective sounds together and boy we had some fun. It was just amazing. In the studio first of all and then we did a couple of great tours together.

Unbelievable – and I always felt grateful that Cozy kind of endorsed the hidden things inside me and I hope I did the same for him.

Just want to say, I’m with you all and I loved Cozy and I still do and I always will and thank you for keeping his memory alive. Thank you for keeping his music alive and I’m gonna go home tonight and just play all the stuff we did and all the great things including ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, which we kind of imported, you know. What a wonderful epitaph that is really for Cozy.

God bless him. Let’s all remember him always this way for the great guy he was and I will just end with a Cozy quote which is: “Get orf my land!” Love you Cozy and we will always be with you.