Various ideas BMG Guitars – and – Deacy Amp


Well, I did promise to reveal what this is … we’re looking at various ideas at BMG Brian May Guitars – but this one called out loudly to me ! Ya think ?

Guitar from various ideas at BMG –

This one’s for Guitar/amp enthusiasts. The one and only brilliant Nigel Knight made me this new plinth for the one and only original brilliant Deacy amp. Makes the whole thing much more stable and reproducible – and looks after the health of the amp. And gives me a couple of extra new options ! Hurrah !! And I’ve just used it to record a large number of guitars on a strange new venture. It’s very filmic but – strangely – nothing to do with the Freddie film. I think … you would never guess ! But all will be revealed soon ! Obscure clue : John Lewis are involved !!

Plinth for Deacy amp
Plinth for Deacy amp