Welsh Wales – and – Birthday


Brian May: Good Morning Welsh Wales 18/07/2018

Good Morning Welsh Wales !! I’m on the badger trail again – up at a hideous hour to make an early meeting about a new vaccination project. Obviously didn’t do a great job on the shaving whilst bleary-eyed. Ha ha !!!

Welsh Badger Meeting
Welsh Badger Meeting

Great meeting with these guys – The GOWER PROJECT – along with our #TBFREE guru Dick Sibley. Their project is eradication of TB from their cattle with no culling – and in this room is the expertise to achieve that. An extravagant claim ? We shall see ! A good day. Got to appreciate the good days when they come ! * * * Left to right: Ifan Lloyd, Dafydd Saunders Jones, Captain Stephen Crocker, all of the Gower Project, Dick Sibley, farming veterinary genius, Anne Brummer, CEO of Save-Me.

Essentially we hope to bring the Gatcombe Project expertise to Wales, blended with the existing Gower Group programme of badger vaccination and biosecurity. Wales Chief Vet Christianne Glossop enabled this meeting, which may turn out to be a marriage made in Heaven. To crack this nut would give new hope to every cattle farmer in Britain.

Birthday shirt
Birthday shirt

But even MORE exciting (almost!) my fabulous Birthday Shirt ! Thanks dear and wonderful Marianne !!! It’s a good day @mazzmurray

Bri and Freddie - contact
Bri and Freddie – contact

Contact across the years! This is one of my favourite photos from the tour we just completed. Of course I’ve rehearsed with Freddie – but it’s unpredictable – different every night depending on the geometry of the arena, and subject to the fact that I can’t actually see the screen image of Freddie at this moment. But on this particular night … evidently the magic happened ! Photo by Ric Lipson – our genius designer for @stufishstudio . And thanks to all of you who sang with me and made this happen. 

Dr Rock by Chiara Tomaini"
Dr Rock by Chiara Tomaini”

Thanks Chiara !!! @chiaratomaini – a precious work ! And thanks folks for such lovely messages coming in already for my 17th birthday !!!

Bri on tour 2018 by Rob Golton
Bri on tour 2018 by Rob Golton

Thanks @robgolton for this pic. This look happened only once in the tour. It didn’t meet with everybody’s approval. Thanks Jo @theirmusicrocks for calling me a god ! But this ol’ man’s heart is still just 17 years old.


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