Dead birds for Christmas


OK.  Let’s be clear here.  I haven’t eaten red meat or chicken for many years now.  That’s my choice.  But I’m neither Vegan nor truly vegetarian.  I still eat a bit of fish now and then – and prawns remain a weakness.  So I’m not preaching. But I feel I’m on a journey towards eating more humanely.  More and more I enjoy Vegan food, especially since it’s getting easier, with restaurants like Pizza Express coming up with a whole vegan menu.  We’re all on our journeys – and it’s not up to me to tell anyone else what to eat. My point here is very much like the smoking thing. We all know now that smoking is injurious to health. But people still smoke. What we have managed to do is stop tobacco companies advertising to entice kids into a habit that is bad for us all.  In a similar way, eating artificially fattened turkeys is bad for our health, bad for the planet, and entails awful cruelty to the animals themselves. Some people will continue to eat turkeys. But what I’m objecting to is allowing advertising to promote a Christmas tradition which is actually quite obscene and unnecessary, causing cruelty on a massive scale.  SO …. 

Getting pretty pissed off with Tesco, forcing us to look at dead turkeys on billboards everywhere. They made a nice Christmas TV ad showing how different ethnic groups celebrate the Christmas Season. Hey Tesco … How about next year you guys act responsibly towards animals, and show how Christmas can be enjoyed without a dead bird in the middle of the dinner table ?

#turkeyfreechristmas #crueltyfree


Tesco Turkey Billboard ad 2018