It’s that time of the year !!!


It’s that time of the year !!! Duck Organisation Christmas Lunch ! Vegetarian fare, and with obligatory jokes from all participants ! This year … Secret Santa brought this !!! Good cheer, folks.

Secret Santa brought this !!! 12/12/2018

Me and Jacky Smith. Who knew that Jacky has run the illustrious Queen Fan Club for 36 years ?!!! It’s been going for 40 years – in the Guinness book of records as the longest running Band fan club in history. AND STILL GOING ! Probably the new Queen fans and friends the BOHEMIAN rhapsody film have brought to the fold don’t realise … you can still join and get the special benefits of ticket pre-sales, latest updates – and even the QUEEN FAN CLUB Magazines on PAPER !! Jacky still runs it personally and organises the Queen fan club annual convention – booking NOW !! Be a part of the Queen community !! Search “QUEEN FAN CLUB” or E-mail

Jacky and Bri - Duck Christmas lunch

Secret Santa was very creative this year. A new way to drink Guinness. Recommended !!!

Bri with Novelty glass - by Anne Brummer
Photo: Anne Brummer

A perfect Stereoscopic opportunity ! To good to pass up ! Never saw a Guinness glass with wings before – did you ?

Novelty Glass stereo