A happy ending !!!


 A happy ending !!! How amazing is this ? Thanks for asking, folks, by the way.

We never did recover Anita’s sentimentally valued earring. But, thanks to the best jeweller in the world – NIGEL MILNEhttps://nigelmilne.co.ukthe problem has been miraculously solved !

He tried sourcing the stones and remaking the cast of the surround, but it proved very difficult – and he couldn’t get a lead on who had made the items in the first place. So, acting on inspired guesswork, he eventually located a similar pair, far far from London Town – in deepest Wisconsin !!! So he procured them for us for the princely sum of 24 dollars !! Genius !

Here they are – almost identical to the originals. So now, after we pick them up – hopefully this week – Anita shall have three !!! A million thanks Nigel !!!

Three earrings



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