I don’t often get all brag, hopefully


Bri's Amazon Best Sellers 4 April 2019

I don’t often get all brag, hopefully – but I was thrilled to check tonight [early] and see that QUEEN IN 3-D was NUMBER THREE In Amazon’s overall books chart ! This is going in my “who would have thought it“ box!

Here’s the funny part.

Just a few hours ago it was number 5267 in the chart !!! This was all due to the ONE SHOW ! So my big thanks to all the BBC The One Show  team, and to Joe Lycett  for making such a great fuss of the book.

This is also probably a great time to thank my small but incredibly committed London Stereoscopic Company team.

Nicole Ettinger who does brilliant publicity,
Denis Pellerin, who keeps us anchored in the 19th century,
Sara Bricusse, who manages the company and keeps its works oiled, and
Robin Rees, who our Publishing Whizz.

Also big thanks to
Sally Frost,

Jen Tunney,
Phil Murray,
Emma Donaghue,
Jamie Symonds.

And of course our newest acquisition, Rebecca Sharpe, who is meticulously cataloguing LSC world for posterity. 

You all ROCK ! Of course the book will zoom down a few thousand places in the next few hours, but …. It’s been good !

Cheers all !