Starmus – the Fifth Happening – Korea here we come !!! – Inflorescence du jour


STARMUS – The fifth happening of this magical festival of Science and Music – is almost upon us. THERE IS STILL TIME to buy a ticket to secure 5 days in which you can escape to another Universe ! I will be there ! Presenting the story of the Race to the Moon on screen in full 3-D. With Astronomy luminary David Eicher. Along with so many great speakers, astronomers, astronauts, Apollo mission veterans, philosophers – and musicians. Grab this unforgettable experience – we never pass this way again. There ! I said it ! And we will be presenting the 2019 Stephen Hawking medal winners !!! For details visit — See you there !

Starmus V - One Giant Leap - mono

Starmus V - One Giant Leap - stereo

KOREA here we come !!! This coming Spring 2020 we will be saying a lot of THANK YOU’S to our friends in Korea who took our Freddie film to their hearts and gave us so much love.

Now don’t go a-hollerin’ at me, all you folks elsewhere !!! We’re doin’ our best here !!! We ain’t 39 years old any more !! That’s a tough road we’ve laid out ahead … and who knows where it will lead. And … we never pass this way again.

The dates are 18th January 2020 (Saturday) at 7pm 19th January (Sunday) at 6pm at the GOCHEOK SKYDOME.

Ticket bookings:
Interpark (1544-1555)
Yes24 (1544-6399)

Sponsored by Hyundai Card, Promoted by AIM
Super Concert (in box).

For additional information, SEE QUEEN NEWS.

Korea Artwork


Inflorescence du Jour ! How luscious are the buds of a Rhododendron just before they burst into bloom ? This is a new planting – all healthy and dark and purple and plump. Very Bohemian Rhapsody ! Can’t wait to see what these flowers look like when they open – I think we’re in for a surprise ! This stereo pair is for parallel free viewing:

Rhodendron buds - parallel stereo

– and for cross-eyed viewing.

Apologies – I see it’s a little mid-aligned vertically. Too hasty ! Hope it doesn’t hurt you folks. It might help to tilt your head a little to the right ! Or to the left on the cross-eyed one … ach !!!

Rhododendron buds - cross-eyed stereo

I thought I had lost this Azalea ! Well, it’s a long story … but today it waved it’s wonderful mandarin-coloured blooms against a blue sky and gave me the joy of rediscovery. For those of you who are interested in these things, this is a deciduous Azalea, and, I think quite ancient and rare. It becomes completely like a dead bunch of twigs in the winter, yet burst forth each spring with bright green foliage. It’s very similar inhabit to the bright yellow variety which populates my part of Surrey almost like a weed, but wafts the most heavenly perfume into the air as you pass by. This one is …. well, to me, precious.

Azaleas - mono

Stereos – first parallel:

Azaleas - parallel stereo

Then cross-eyed.

Azaleas - cross-eyed stereo

OK ? Enjoy with me !

Cheers !