Big day ! First day of QAL rehearsals


Big day ! First day of QAL rehearsals. Yep, folks, I’m still alive – a little battle-scarred but but still squaring up for another round. There are half a million folks out there who have bought tickets for the upcoming tours – and they deserve to see nothiin’ but the best. Only complete positivity will make that happen. And a lot of honest hard work !!

Funny – how many years have I been doing this ? But this day always feels like the first day back at school !!!

We have a completely new production that we’ e been working on for at least 5 months – so this is a very exciting moment. See you out there folks !!

Bri ready for first QAL rehearsal 19 June 2019

Look ! Home !! Time to make some noise !!! These 3 trusty old-school valve-driven monsters will do me just fine. All perfectly set up by the brilliant Mr Malandrone. And a good-luck card from a dear friend. Let’s go ! ! !

Bri and Vox Amps

Vox amps and card

Adam, Bri, Rog, first rehearsal selfie 19/06/2019

Just foolin’ … and testing out my sound … seems to be working !! Thanks Pete ! Ready to rockkkkk ! Video by Malandrone productions !

Brian May: Just foolin’ – QAL first rehearsal (by Pete Malandrone)