Little Hogs – Announcement – NYC here we come


One very soaked little hog arrived at the rescue today. Sudden rainstorms are not good news for wildlife. This little one and his/her pal were picked up by a kind passer-by after the rains had flooded their home, very cold and in danger of giving up on life. But tonight they sleep snug and live to enjoy tomorrow. Thanks to … the brilliant Anne Brummer and her team at Save-Me HQ ! 



Announcement !  Yes – if we’re spared – we’ll be swinging back into Europe in 2020 – see you there ! For tickets – on sale today from 9am. See BRIANMAY.COM – Q+AL Dates.


And now back to the important stuff ! Two small hogs safely tucked up.

New York City here we come ! A little in-depth aviation here. Swipe to enjoy it vicariously in opportunistic fun 3-D … Time to put my Rock Head back on.

Time to do our bit to help Save the Planet with Global Citizen in Central Park. We have a special wham-bam set prepared. Look out !!


UK Airpot Parallel
UK airport cross-eyed

Au revoir UK – I hope you won’t have plunged into the abyss by the time we get back. I will be praying for the miracle – that we’re still in Europe and have avoided the impending Johnson Catastrophe. It’s so depressing watching Britain becoming more and more crippled by the Brexit débacle. It’s irrelevant, now, which way we voted in that referendum that should never have happened. Now we are looking chaos in the face, surely it’s time to STOP and rethink? Meanwhile, we will apply ourselves to doing our bit to help GlobalCitizen work towards saving Planet Earth and its less fortunate inhabitants.