I’m dreaming of a Brexit-free Christmas…


Bri dreaming of a Brexit-free Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Brexit-free Christmas…

I wonder if I’m the only one praying tonight for a miracle which will make Brexit, deal or no deal, simply go away…. ? The legacy of the vain, arrogant and badly-advised David Cameron was a referendum which never should have happened. He made the people of this country vote on an issue they knew NOTHING about. Of a 70% turnout, 52% voted to break away from Europe. That’s roughly 37% of the electorate. And the result was not even legally binding. But on the basis of that fragile outcome, successive leaders, fearful and hungry for power, have attempted to carry out the wishes of that 37%, pretending that they were serving democracy and the “will of the people“. The result is this country attempting to make the stupidest move it has ever made.

At this moment we are still part of one of the most powerful alliances in the entire world, a bond which has given us prosperity, AND PEACE, for the last 40 years. But if Brexit happens, we go back in time to being a very small island, feeble in natural resources, and alone in a vast ocean of competitive economics. BREXIT has given us three years of misery and chaos, and still there is no relief in sight. Just to be clear, this process does not represent democracy as we know it in this country. In British democracy we elect our representatives to sit in Parliament, and through decent debate, make the right decisions for us all. A referendum is not part of that democratic process. Recent polls have shown that, in a second referendum, leaving would be supported by even less than 37% of the population.

From where I sit, it’s baffling. I don’t know a single person who thinks that the Brexit on offer is a good idea. I would give a lot for the chance to go and sit with those guys in Europe, and hammer out the deal that David Cameron failed to secure – to keep us in the powerful international club, but deliver what we want – what we need. A deal to stay, though it may be difficult, offers so many chances for mutual benefits. Like a marriage. Divorce is always messy and wasteful. A MIRACLE, please. The door is still open.

OK folks – tell me I’m wrong !