Christmas present thoughts ! – I’m good today


Brian May unboxing Weston’s box 04/12/2019

Christmas present thoughts ! Here I am Unboxing a Box ! I’m at my favourite injection moulding company – Weston’s in Sunbury-on-Thames – those great people who created the OWL stereoscope with me in 2009. They have a new BOX product which is taking the arts and crafts industry by storm – but which I’m sure will soon be standard gear for anyone on the road – a set of two polypropylene containers which fit together into a kind of suitcase – brilliant !! 100 per cent recyclable (as is my OWL, of course !) and incredibly useful for tidying up small bits and pieces ! It’s called an A4-2-GO ! Info obtainable direct from Weston’s Boxes. Go !

And our hot news !!! A new LITE OWL in the planning stages. More rugged ! More colourful ! More adaptable ! And with a new twist !

Brian May shows new Lite OWL 04/12/2019

Thanks for asking about my leg. I’m good today – a little sore but hobbling my way around quite successfully – business as normal (more or less!) The procedure I had is called a GASTROCNEMIUS RELEASE – and it really seems to have worked already to take away my Achilles’ tendon pain – which had been bothering me for about a year. So, for anyone out there suffering from this problem – I’ll keep you posted, but so far I would recommend this very creative procedure.

Brian May: Hot to trot – 04/12/2019