Hello Auckland !!


Hello Auckland !! Good to be back !!! This time we meet in a Rugby hangout !!! And there’s the welcoming sight of Andy Bews – and it’s Hawaiian T-shirt Friday !!!

Brian May: “Hello Auckland !! Arrival at Mt Smart Stadium

Whaddayathink ? Encore shirt ? It IS Hawaiian Shirt Friday after all … ya think ? Nice dressing room here – thanks to impresario extraordinaire Paul Dainty and his great team – and to our amazing touring team, for always looking after us.

Bri - Hawaiian Shirt Friday

Mirrorball check !! Now that IS what I call a mirrorball !! Some pretty things never get old. And the traditional CO2 blast. Oh !! I had a terrible dream this afternoon while snoozing. Not sure I should tell you …

Auckland Mt Smart Stadium – check mirrorball – check CO2 blast 7 Feb 2020 revised


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