Hello Brisbane – Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel – Utterly brilliant – Rain ?


Hello Brisbane ! Hello AUSTRALIA !! Hello world ! Hello to being fully functional ! Goodbye to black dog ! Wishing you ALL a great day – and yes – even them ! The great thing about days is every one is a new one. There must be a haiku there somewhere !!!

Brian May: Hello Brisbane 13 Feb 2020

Rain?  What rain ?  Yeah, just what we need for an outdoor gig. Love it. Well we will be fine somehow.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support. I never expected such an avalanche of supportive messages and I’m so grateful to you this morning.   It’s gone.  I’m back on the horse. I feel good. I feel bright. I’m fighting fit and we shall rock tonight – okay!

God bless you all. Thanks again.


Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel ! Genius !! Young man !!!Peter Gabriel l Photo by Denis Pellerin


Bri and Peter Gabriel - parallel


Bri and Peter Gabriel - cross-eyed

This is utterly brilliant !! Always gets a giggle out of me !! But for me it’s probably too dangerously close to the truth ! Ha ha ! Thanks guys !!




What did I say about rain ? Jeeez. … probably the wettest gig we ever played. All the weather forecasts – even on the day – we’re completely, utterly wrong … it changes everything, of course, and just plain endurance becomes a big part of the evening. But somehow the sharing of this insane occasion breeds a strong feeling of brother and sisterhood ! And adding in a strong sense of humour the night became very special. Thanks folks – in all that torrential rain I don’t think one person relinquished their post !! Yeeeeeow !!!

And yes I did play my original Red Special tonight – I would never play a gig without her. And yes she and I both got very wet – and yes – it’s not good for either of us ! But – the Show Must Go On – and it was worth it to see those happy faces !!

Brian May: “What did I say about rain ?” Brisbane 13 Feb 2020

(video : Pete !)


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