Here’s jollity – Nobody is going to buy this shirt !!! – Freewheelin’ tonight


Here’s Jollity at the conclusion of soundcheck – Day 2 for QAL at the AAMI Stadium Melbourne. I’ve been a little quiet. The pace is tough, physically and mentally too. I tend to feel that if I’ve got nothing special to say, I prefer to be silent. And process. And recharge. But today is a new opportunity. Time to grasp it with both hands. Hope you are all grasping your opportunities, folks ! Let’s ROCK !!!

Bri post-soundcheck sweep AAMI Park Melbourne 20 Feb 2020

They’re forcing me to put this up. I’ve told them NOBODY is going to buy this shirt !!! But, just in case, I’ll put the link up! – HERE

Brian Flash t-shirt

Cheers all !

A little free wheelin’ tonight – on the ancient classic Heartbreak Hotel. Captured by Pete from backstage. THANK YOU MELBOURNE !!! You guys were great to play to. Take care.

QAL Freewheelin’ tonight Melbourne 20 Feb 2020