The Shadows – Dear Friends in America – and more


FBI – by The Shadows 1961

The Shadows excited and inspired us all when I was a teenager. I haven’t attempted this old school method of multi tracking for over 50 years. Me and my pal Dave Dilloway used to do this stuff together using the tape recorders of the day. Dave is sadly long gone now, but I have his acoustic guitar thanks to his kindness – the one I used on “The Night Comes Down” and “Jealousy” among others. Tonight instead of a tape recorder I recorded my rhythm part on the lap top – and then played along to it, live into the iPhone camera. Fun ! Who needs multitrack machines ?!! This time in intriguing to me because it’s a minor melody played over a major chord sequence. Hank Marvin’s delivery was always incisive and immaculate. The sound inimitable. I learned so much from him.

Brian May: The Shadows Micro Concerto – 28 March 2020

Dear friends in America – please protect yourselves by cutting down physical encounters to as close to zero as possible. If you make contact with anyone or anything outside you zone, wash the hands, disinfect. The monster is out of control. My heart aches for you guys in glorious New York, and my beloved New Orleans. Protect – isolate – as much as humanly possible. This is not a rehearsal.

With love – Bri

VELVET is OUT !!! That Voice in a Billion, Adam Lambert delivers a tour de force. Click on Adam’s link to secure a copy !!!

Adam Velvet ad – 28 March 2020

Don’t Stop Us Now !!! I’m liking this ! A new spirit is definitely emerging !!! I need a proper handle and credit to put on this … please ! Take care out there. No matter where you live —- take the initiative to protect yourself and your family NOW. Don’t wait for it to be ‘policy’.

El Chelista & Brian May – Keep yourself alive


I gotta say – dear @julio_9773 – this warms my heart. Nice work !! #dontstopusnow —it’s Saturday Nite ! Keep rockin’ out there folks — AT HOME !!! and if you’re out there Julio – let me know where you are .. OK ?

Some lovely BriArt to make us smile. I’m privileged – these works are precious. Big thanks to all of ya. I hope the credits are all I ya t and will lead folks to your doors, dear artists. And as always thanks to Sarah Rugg and Jane Sabini for collecting many of them.


Chicago Will Rock You !!!