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I’m the last person to want to erode the powers of the police to keep law and order, but I believe there are pivotal moments in history when those of us who believe racial hatred cannot be tolerated must stand up and be counted. I believe this is one of those moments. And every time I see that beautiful face of Nelson Mandela, I remember what he taught us lucky minstrels sitting around a camp fire in a jungle retreat near Cape Town, when we were planning the historic 46664 concert at Green Point Stadium. He taught us that seeking Vengeance is an evil and destructive thing, but seeking Justice is … everything. Thanks Ronnie and Tracy @_seventhmoon_ and @tracyannsee for these panels.

I'm not blackThis is exactly as she posted it last night. I don’t want to spoil it by saying too much. But this girl bravely stuck up for me when I was being bullied on IG last year. All along she’s been bravely battling her own demos, and to post this performance took enormous courage. I’m deeply moved – and, if you are too, please let her know – here or at @jurassicanna


Go make history

20 MINS TO LAUNCH !!! Good luck Space-X guys !!! Go make history !!!

I thought you folks should see this. YES ! This is the one and only Bryan Adams, legendary rock performer, Canadian, but naturalised in England, and a dear friend of mine. We played together at the Royal Opera House for a charity benefit, long ago in the days when things were so different. I think Bryan is one of the very few people I know who would take on this ridiculously difficult Queen song, and sing it in its original ridiculously high key to the accompaniment of just his own acoustic guitar playing. Well, this is no ordinary guy ! Enjoy !

Brian May: I thought you folks should see – Bryan Adams 31 May 2020