Candle-making: strangely restorative


I’m finding candle-making a strangely restorative refuge.

Like all arts and crafts, just by doing it, you improve. After working through all the repercussions of my heart procedure, I’m building strength slowly – in body but also in mind. This little creative outlet is distracting and healing, somehow. All these guys were made out of recycled bits of candles. New lamps for old !

I hope you’re all finding ways to adjust to the emerging New World out there. I was hoping to see a rekindling of compassion in the way our countries are run, but I was disappointed. I’m getting used to staying at home where things are, in the whole, gentle. Take care out there.

See 5 parallel stereos followed by the same 5 views in cross-eyed format.

And, by the way, well done all you guys at the National Stereoscopic Association Virtual Convention. I was especially happy to see that our young IG stereo community is being recognised and integrated into the venerable ‘Old Guard’ of the Association. We all benefit by realising we can always go on learning from our predecessors.


Candle - parallel 01

Candle - parallel 02

Candle - parallel 03

Candle - parallel 04

Candle - parallel 05


Candle - cross-eyed 06

Candle - cross-eyed 07

Candle - cross-eyed 08

Candle - cross-eyed 09

Candle - cross-eyed 10