Happy Birthday Freddie


Happy Birthday Freddie !

Brian May: Happy Birthday Freddie 5 Sep 2020

Hey Folks

Good to see ya’. I hope you’re all well out there.

Been a funny old day here. I don’t know about you, but I was just leafing through a very new and shiny book here, by Neil Preston, of his photographs. He’s a very old dear friend of ours. And inside this new and shiny book are some very old and shiny memories and look who i found – this great guy who was such a wonderful friend and so inspiring and I was just thinking what amazing stuff we used to do and how lucky we were to stride the world and take it in and give out.

And Freddie – just sending you lots of love wherever you are wishing you a very very wonderful Happy Birthday. I hope it’s good up there and let’s hope we can do this again one day, all right.

God bless and take care out there, all right.

Happy Birthday Freddie !!! Guitar musings …

Brian May Guitar Musings

Hmmmm – been a while. I don’t know how to use this thing anymore.
[For] Freddie.