“World’s Pinkest Pink” BMG Guitar – Yeeeeow


Bri with the world’s first “World’s Pinkest Pink” BMG guitar. Specially made by my guys for Friday’s video shoot. There’s a reason for this !

The track is to be released for the benefit of two great women’s Cancer Charities – and since the music is totally appropriate, I thought the guitar ought to be, too. The release will raise money and I’m also hoping to auction this guitar to raise some extra funds. See you in October !

There are some interesting stories about this pigment. Try Googling “pinkest pink”. As far as I know, this is truly the first pinkest pink guitar. It has a strange effect on the video cameras – comes out burning hot but not quite how it looks in the room !

Bri and pinkest guitar
– photo by Yuval Hen

Yeeeeow – this track kicks so much ass it’s impossible to resist teasing …. lots more to come !!!