Christmas fun last year – Happy Birthday hero (Paul Rodgers) – New Look at Woman


Christmas fun from last year – when things were oh so different, oh Lord … me and my dear pal Arielle threw this together, with not a whisper of a suspicion that soon we would all be locked down in our rabbit holes and unable to jam.

Brian May and Arielle: Seasonal Silliness [Deck The Halls]

Well, well. My plea to you all in Britain is do NOT throw caution to the wind and try to make this coming Christmas just like the last one. It’s only ONE Christmas, for Heaven’s sake ! Isn’t it worth doing this one safely in a different way – and living to see next Christmas ?!! The price of Boris’s Christmas ‘gift’ of loosening up for Christmas will be thousands of lives lost. I don’t want you guys to be part of that statistic. And all you dear folks in other countries – I don’t know what the advice is – but vaccination is on the way – surely it make sense to be patient just a little longer ?

With love – Bri

Happy birthday Hero !!!

Love ya –


And thanks tracyannsee for this edit.

A new look at WOMAN ! I will be forever proud of this track.