Amazing Grace – at The Coliseum – This little beauty


Amazing Grace – at the Coliseum. In case you missed our performance of this song on Earth Day, here is some of it ! Looking at it now, I’m feeling very thrilled that this new arrangement with orchestra actually DID work … and maybe this is a signpost to where we might be heading. Anybody think that might be a good idea ?

Thanks Janie Dee and Sky Arts for making this happen. And thanks dear pal Stuart Morley for working through 3 nights with me by FaceTime to create the arrangement. Thanks Jen Tunney for this capture. And thanks most of all to Kerry Ellis for making it fly. Cos without that vocal, there would be no point !! Songs are all about the singer !!! You heard it here !!

Brian May & Kerry Ellis Amazing Grace – Song For Nature

Brian May: I’ve grown very fond of this little beauty – pink guitar for auction

Hi Folks
I’m Brian May. I’m delighted to be donating this guitar – the pinkist of all pink guitars – to Alpha’s auction. The auction closes 16th of July at Alpha’s London Alive event. All proceeds go directly to target ovarian cancer and the Karen Keating Foundation – so get bidding okay I might have to bid myself. She’s a beaut.

I’ve grown very fond of this little beauty. But soon she will be under the hammer to find a new home, to benefit a great cause. Wanna try ? Contact Alpha Members Club for details. You don’t have to be a member to bid, and you don’t have to attend the event. The pinkest of all pinks BMG could be yours !!!

I have to add, the extraordinary colour of this instrument can’t be captured on video or film. It looks more red than pink here, but in real life, she makes an unforgettable impact in pinkness. Wanna see it in action ? Click on the link HERE to the WOMAN video for “I’m a Woman”. Just as a bonus you get to see Kerry Ellis, Mazz Murray, Gina Murray and AJ Casey – the formidable WOMAN team.

Rock !