May hail ! – Blessèd florets – Spotify interview


Brian May: May Hail! 6 May 2021

May Hail ! I enjoyed this so much ! Especially swimming in it ! A rare simple pleasure … Nature is still wonderful. See you on telly at 8.45 am this morning on Good Morning Britain to talk about Hedgehog Awareness Week !!! Eeek.

Brian May: Blessèd florets stereo – 07/05/2021

Welcome back, blessèd florets ! Gotta love these exquisitely perfumed flowers which scent the breeze at this time of year. Deciduous Azaleas grow almost like weeds in the acid sandy soil of Surrey – beautiful to look at – especially in stereo – but oh !! The perfume !!! I will have to ask my friend. Sergio if he can bottle it !!!


Blessed florets - parallel


Blessed florets - cross-eyed

Blessed florets Mono 01
Mono 01
Blessed florets - mono 02
Mono 02


Good Morning folks. This is how I feel this morning. Hope you’re all finding a good place in your head today. Because … it’s ALL in our head, right ? All our perceptions, all our hopes and dreams, disappointments, pleasure, pain. This is our reality. Enjoy this day. And thanks NENU for this portrait.

Brian May sepia portrait by NENU


Alli Hagendorf

Thanks Ali for a great Spotify interview ! Go there, folks ! Search for Spotify today ! Check out Ali’s chat with me and my brother Roger the Dodger on Spotify ! – [SEE ON QUEEN NEWS]

Brian May and Roger Taylor “Rock This” interview extract – 06/05/2021


ALLISON HAGENDORF: l Iove this, this brotherly love that you guys share.
What would you say that you admire most or respect most about the other one?

BRIAN MAY: Ooooooh – you first Rog.

ROGER TAYLOR [and laughter]: I know after you, after you right….

BRIAN: As a drummer he’s completely unique because you always know when it’s him
behind the drums. He has a way of making the drums sound like a kind of creamy
entity that hangs glues together and I’ve never known anyone else that can do that thing.

ROGER: Well, while we’re stroking each other, I have to say the first time I heard Brian
pick upthe electric guitar I just thought: ‘Oh boy this, this guy has a touch
which which I haven’t come across before’ – you know. I don’t know anybody
else that can place it as lyrically as that. So that’s musically – but personally,
I can’t think of anything good to say about [him]. [Laughter]

ALISON: I was waiting for that… That was amazing.