Little puzzler


A little puzzler for you yo’all !! Happy Wednesday Folks !

Well … I’m happy some of you guys recognised the patterns on the socks – YES ! Indeed they ARE Happy Socks – by our dear friend of so many years – ZANDRA RHODES was the very first designer of stage clothes for us naughty Queenies in the very early days. —- THANK YOU ZANDRA ! And these socks are seriously recommended – they instantly make life seem less serious and stressful ! By the way, they DO come in matched pairs – not mixed like this.

But … NOBODY solved the puzzle ! To be honest, I’m actually quite glad, because if you do, I’ll probably be in trouble for leaking it. All in good time … but I DID have a splendid and very different kind of day … I became an actor. I was well-received ! But it was just a one-off – probably not taking it up as a career. The socks helped ! Well … you’ll see …