On my car radio – Next instalment


On my car radio – just now … I used to dream of hearing one of our records on the radio. Today … wow – out of the blue came THIS ! Thanks Greatest Hits Radio listeners – it’s an honour to be Number 1 after all these years.

That’s the voice of Paul Gambuccini interviewing me – a few years ago, I think ! But it fits the occasion !

Brian May: On my car radio just now 04/06/2021
–  https://youtu.be/w7-fyWdjprA

Next instalment !!! See QUEEN NEWS for details of this “QUEEN THE GREATEST” series. [Episode 12]

Brian May: Next instalment Queen The Greatest

Those little scratches I liked. All those little imperfections.

You know when you do something and you get what you want, but you also get a little bonus or something you didn’t expect, and I thought, “Yeah, I like that little scratch. It’s going to be with me for the’ – I remember having that feeling -‘ it’s going to be with me for the rest of my life and it has been. ‘We Will Rock You’ is with me everywhere I go.”