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Global experts urge boris Johnson to delay 'dangerous' Covid reopening

OK – I’m just a Rock Star, not an epidemiologist … But as I see it, this decision by Boris Johnson to abandon all restrictions this month is just another in the series of catastrophically wrong decisions he has made since the Covid outbreak began. I will be keeping my mask ON wherever possible – to protect myself and others around me. In the face of this fast-growing new danger, I advise you all to ignore Boris’s reckless strategy – the result, as usual, of his caving in to pressure from influential business interests.

Did I really hear him say he realised this move would cause more deaths, but he thought it was worth it ? Those deaths could be in your family, or mine. Plus – think about it – the long-term effects of this new variant are UNKNOWN, and people who are double vaccinated are right now getting sick from it. The bombs are still dropping. And your prime minister doesn’t care. Neither does the Daily Mail.

Look at the figures. Weigh up the odds. Protect yourself and your family. I’m sure this post will earn me lots of flak. But if it saves just one of you folks out there from getting very sick, it will be worth it.

I usually just block people who put stupid or insulting comments on my posts. But on this one I’m making an exception. I want everybody to be able to see how much misinformation there really is out there. But also I thank those of you have been so supportive. Thank Heavens you seem to be the majority. Maybe there is hope after all.

My unusual day in Selsey !

Selsey unveiling

On a spot where I used to occasionally roam with the great Sir Patrick Moore – here I was today, unveiling an intriguing memorial to his legacy. This unique Seal was designed and painted by 17 year old Megan Masters – as part of the new Seal Trail which highlights Selsey’s heritage for walkers along the Coastal path. I met and congratulated the young designers of the other Seals, too, and a good time was had by all ! Viva Sir Patrick !!

Brian - Selsey unveiling

Brian with students - Selsey unvieiling

Selsey seal unveiling

Selsey seal unveiling