Belfast Show No 2 – and 3 minutes after coming off stage


Hey !!!

Belfast  – show Number 2 all set to be even more risky than last night ‘cos we’ve changed a few things.

We’re all a bit battle scared from last night, I think, but it makes you try harder.

Cannot wait.  See you all out there – and – it’s a rocker.



Hi folks
Here I am 3 minutes after coming off stage tonight playing our second night in the fabulous SSE Arena Belfast.
At this point everything (physically) hurts ! Because this show is at the limit of our collective energies – and something I’ve been training for all through the last 6 months. It’s right on the limit. But the inner glow of fulfilment is massively strong – hearing that roar of passion – feeling that energy – feeling that love. Knowing we have given EVERYTHING that we have in us for two hours twenty minutes of … something that you cannot describe.
THANKS, beautiful people of Ireland – and I know many of you travelled far to be with us – especially as we couldn’t get our Dublin date this time around. What an outstanding experience – our return to live action which has been a massive gap in our lives for 2 years – ever since we left Australia in 2019 on a high, and crashed into Covid lockdown.
Love ya folks !
Can’t wait to see you out there … around our beloved but beleaguered UK, and around the beauties of Europe which we have missed so much. Back in the World.
What a privilege to be back out here one more time.
 Brian May: 3 minutes off stage – 28 May 2022
Hey folks
You’ve seen before and this is after.  The sweat and the pain after an amazing second show in Belfast.  Thank you, thank you.  Incredible audience, unbelievable, so much love.  And it’s been my regret on this tour already that I can’t do what I usually do, which is meet people – do Meet & Greets – meet people at the stage door, do autographs, pictures and stuff.  Can’t do any of that on this tour ‘cos we’ve taken so seriously the fact that we could lose shows.
So many people will be disappointed if that happens –  so yeah – on fierce anti-COVID protocols. And I’m afraid I can’t meet you this time around.
But somebody did somthing beautiful for me. [Shows guitar in frame] Thank you so much and I don’t have your email address, but I will get it.  What a beautiful, beautiful bit of work.  A lovely present for me, very much appreciated.
Thank you all for sending lovely things.  I’m gonna let you see what this says, ‘cos it’s very beautiful – and what a fanatastic piece… …
Guitar inscription
Guitar inscription
Guitar inscription