Yeeeeow !!! First show of the tour


Yeeeeow !!! First show of the tour. Going up in 90 minutes from now.


And we are set….

The thrill of anticipation here backstage is palpable – you can feel it in the air – half fear, half joy in every department. But underneath it all there is a great warm confidence that it will happen. This whole touring QAL team is full of passion and the pursuit of excellence, beyond what could be expected.

Gotta say this ‘family’ is probably the best and most skilled touring team EVER. And that is saying something. So I have the firm belief that everything tonight is how it is meant to be. It will not be “perfect”. That’s not what a rock show is about. It’s about treading a line between what is firmly achievable and what is risky but worth reaching for.

We’re one of the very few bands out there now who actually play LIVE, without backing tapes or clicks. So what you’re hearing is REAL – and tonight, all the work and care that has gone into preparing this feast will carry us through. On a good night it can be perfectly imperfect.

And so … once more into the breach, dear friends …. What an emotional moment after the last 2 years torment we have all been through.

Good Evening Belfast !!!!

Good evening Blue Planet – we are back !!!

[10 minutes to go]

Self-explanatory !

10 minutes and counting…. and we’re ready.


yeeeeow !