A moment of reflection


Why the hat ?
Well, having had a couple of skirmishes with skin invaders, I’m taking protection from the Sun much more seriously now. Hope you’re all taking care of yourselves out there. SUNSCREEN ! Don’t take chances ! Factor 50 !!!
Cheers !
Who’s rockin’ with us tonight ?!!!

Brian May: Why the hat? – 15/06/2022

Hey Folks.  Howdy.

It’s Brian grabbing a moment to relax because we don’t get much time off at the moment. It’s a really punishing schedule, but, oh my God, it’s worth it for a night like last night back in the 02.

What an incredible, incredible audience those were. And I had a rare moment standing out there.

I’m singing and I’m playing and watching all those hands in the air.

What an incredible, incredible audience you guys were and I had a rare moment just standing out there in Champions. looking around and realising Adam was just letting you guys sing – and I’m playing and I’m watching all those hands in the air – hearing your voices – and I just thought whoever gets the privilege of this wonderful moment?

Incredible and I’m never going to take it for granted, especially having a couple of years when it wasn’t possible.

So thank you, thank you for keeping coming and keeping hold of your tickets and giving us such a wonderful, wonderful experience in terms of feedback.

God bless you all and I’m gonna see some of you tonight. I’m off in a minute.