THANK YOU dear Brummerational Folks !!! – Dvořák

Brian - Birmingham 12/06/2022 by Pete Malandrone
Brian – Birmingham 12/06/2022 by Pete Malandrone

What a joy to play to you. That was my best night so far. It felt relaxed – like being in a room with friends – which is exactly what it was.  In that situation I begin to be able to play real notes ! To take more chances. To have more fun.

Til we meet again, folks … Rock on !!! Pic by Mallers – thanks Pete.

Here’s a fragment from my Dvořák solo adventure in the show a few nights ago. This is the kind of thing I always wanted to do – so it fulfils a dream for me. But on this particular night I felt very critical of my playing – very lacking in confidence. So I wouldn’t have looked for a video clip of it. But I just found this vid captured from out front by  Maria [@mariasavemefriend3d] – found it because my dear pal Paul Crook  discovered it and gave me a great compliment about it.

So now I feel reassured. Now, even if I feel my notes are less than perfect, perched up there on my Asteroid, I will be safe in the knowledge that the moment works out there, where it matters most.

THANKS !! I needed that.