From Madrid – second night


From Madrid – second night

Madrid 7 July 2022
Photo credit Freddie Fan [@freddiemercurygallery]


Wow ! I sometimes wish I could see our show from up there. Great pic from Freddie Fan [@freddiemercurygallery] — from MADRID – second night. Gotta say we all were transfixed by the audiences on both nights.

I had a slight regret on night #2 because my fingers were hurting me, so I couldn’t quite play at 1000 per cent. The heat and humidity and general wear and tear sometimes outstrip my efforts to physically stay on top. But 2 days off before Bologna show will definitely help to heal my bones !!!

THANKS dear Gente de España – you’re truly wonderful people to play to – our visit was all too short. Hope to see you again soon. Hasta prontito !!!