IS THIS BORING ?!!! If you have children, it shouldn’t be. This is a glimpse of the world they will have to face. And a glimpse of the apparently limitless stupidity of Man.

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Soon it will be unrecognisable

This is not the opinion of some uneducated extremist. This is a warning from a man who has spent his entire life studying climate change. The conclusion ? No more empty words. We need a radical change in our priorities. And we need it now.

Probably the most effective thing we can do as individuals right now is cut out meat from our diets. And strangely enough, that’s the best thing we can do for our health, too. And the best thing for lessening cruelty to animals.

Seems like a no-brainer – right ? Don’t think it’s possible ?

The second best thing would be to cut our consumption of meats right down.

How about it ? If everybody did this, it WOULD make our children’s future look brighter.


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