Anti-Bullying day tomorrow


This is such a great cause to support – it’s Anti-Bullying day tomorrow – ODD SOCKS DAY !!! MONDAY 14th November.

How can we support ? Kids ! Wear ODD SOCKS tomorrow to school ! Parents !!! Send your kids to school tomorrow with ODD SOCKS !!! Because it’s all about daring to be different – being proud of being different – and respecting anyone else who is different, or odd, or strange – because they might just be the most important person in your life you ever met !!!

These guys singing the song are ANDY AND THE ODDSOCKS – yes – I appeared as the Godfather of Rock in their last series – and these guys are making the world a better place for kids. This year’s theme is – don’t feel bad on your own – REACH OUT !!! 

….. and …. actually ….. oops …. It’s ODD SOCKS DAY