Mesmerised by this little clip


Freddie and John News of the World rehearsal

I’ve been a bit mesmerised by this little clip posted by @melina_brianqueen – (thanks – I told you I might have to pinch it !) It stirs so many memories from long-forgotten corners of my mind. A moment in time, in rehearsals for a very early tour, grabbing a sandwich, some orange juice, finding things to smile about, laugh about, think about.

You might not recognise … in the red top, John Harris – our very first Queen roadie, a great soul dedicated to his calling – in the off-white top, Big Rich – super guitar tech of his day, poached from Mott the Hoople, but now sadly gone to Heaven, and next to him a young lad who came with him from Mott, universally known as Ratty, who handled Freddie’s microphones, etc. In the pale blue Queen shirt, Roger’s Drum roadie of the time, known as Crystal. The other young guys I think you will recognise. But how unusual to see the particular guitar Freddie is picking out a riff on … So tell me – what tour was this ? What was the date ? And where did this clip surface from ?


Cheers all – Bri

Reply by Jamie Ortiz Mangado
News of the World rehearsals 1977, this clip is from the documentary released in 2017.

Clip: News of the World Rehearsals 1977