Wednesday – Heading off to Aberystwyth in North Wales


 Strategies In The Fight Against Bovine TB

Tomorrow – Wednesday – I’m heading off to Aberystwyth in North Wales, to communicate to Welsh Dairy Farmers our experiences at Gatcombe Farm, grappling with the awful enemy – bovine Tuberculosis.

I’m speaking at Aberystwyth University at the invitation of Prof Glyn Hewinson – a world expert in disease control. I’ve been working on my PowerPoint presentation for many days now. I need to get this right – because this is a precious opportunity to put across our discoveries over the last 10 years – which we believe have the potential to end this misery – relatively quickly.

Probably 28,000 cows have been prematurely slaughtered over the last 10 years, because they tested positive for bTB. And what [o]f Britain’s native badgers ? Because they stand accused of spreading the disease, over 220,000 have been destroyed. It’s an enormous tragedy all round.

I hope to bring together farmers and naturalists tomorrow evening to fight side by side, to consign this terrible mess to history.

Well, if you see someone pursued by a posse of angry farmers with pitchforks and burning torches tomorrow night – that will be me !!

OK – back to the powerpoint – one more time. It needs some fat trimming off it. Take care out there.