Our first SHOWDAY of the tour !!!



Perfect way to start the day on our first SHOWDAY of the tour !!! A little cycling trip (virtually) around Joshua Tree – my regime helps my mind as much as my body. 49 mins or so doing interval cardio training – 2 minutes hard pedalling – 1 minute relaxing pedalling … and repeat 4 to 8 times depending on how energetic I feel. Then a hot shower and a damn cold shower …. And I’m ready to face the world —- or in this case —- many thousands of Maryland Rockers at our first gig of the tour !!!

See ya momentarily folks …

YES !!!! I know where we are !!! Thanks Joyce Moore for this clip —— recalling what is probably in mind for anyone who saw us last time around. Well, in about three hours from now … please tell me if we shook you rigid. OK ? We sure shook things up around here !

Good evening Baltimore !!!!

Big thank you to the CFG Arena for these beautiful vegan leather jackets. I haven’t worn anything like this for a long time what do you think?

We love you Baltimore.