In love with harmonies


Sometimes Instagram gets it right. It sent me this, unsolicited. I don’t know these guys – but I instantly lapped up these beautiful harmonies and wanted to share.

I’ve been in love with harmonies since I was a kid – hearing the Everly Brothers on the radio (So Sad), Buddy Holly and the Crickets (Maybe Baby), and then later the Beatles (check out This Boy) – and you can hear those influences all over the entire Queen Catalogue – in vocal harmonies as well as guitar harmonies.

In the early days of Smile and Queen we used to go into caves down in Cornwall – Rog, me, Tim Staffell, Freddie – and sing harmonies just for the joy of hearing that sound echoing around us. These Dad guys have it down. Gotta hear more !!!

Rock On Dads !!!


— Bri


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