In Memoriam to Taylor Hawkins – The Feelings – Wembley Stadium


As promised … In memoriam to Taylor Hawkins … you guys are delivering beautiful tributes. Love it ! Keep them coming. Keep adding “#taylortributeart”.

And I will try to re-post them all.

#taylortributeart —— beautiful treasures – thanks dear artists for your wonderful tributes to Taylor Hawkins. Our own tribute will happen on Saturday. Just wish he could be there…….

Aaaaaaw … the feelings …

Wembley Stadium – echoes of the way it was … and the way we were. But these are the days … just waiting and wishing for Taylor to walk in the door.

The (new) Wembley Stadium – well, new to me anyway, as a performer. Final rehearsals. Not giving anything away, but this production, to honour Taylor, is splendid and full of love. And the chemistry … ouch ! Hot ! explosive !

 Brian May: The new [to me] Wembley Stadium