Thank you Starmus and Armenia !


Brian May awarded Stephen Hawking Medal

Thank you Starmus and Armenia ! And the incomparable Rick Wakeman !

A great evening !!

And big thanks to Rick Wakeman – and all you guys in the arena tonight who gave me so much love !

Brian May: A big thanks to RIck Wakeman and all 05/09/2022

Just in case you’re wondering what a Stephen Hawking medal looks like, this is it. And this is my one, which was a wonderful surprise for me – and this is what it looks like on the back. 

And you might see a familiar instrument on there the middle… was designed by Alexei Leonov, who you see here, being the first man to walk in space.  Sadly no longer with us but he was [a] luminary of the Starmus series, as was the amazing Stephen Hawking. 

So feeling very grateful.  I’m thankful. Thank you guys.

Starting my acceptance … tonight in Yerevan …. And so … time for bed ! Busy day tomorrow – a press call and lots of rehearsals !!!

Brian May: Starting my acceptance speech – Stephen Hawking Medal 05/09/2022

Stephen Hawking medal in display case


Stephen Hawkin medal

Stephen Hawkin medal

SH Medal - Stephen Hawkin side - stereo

SH Medal - Astonaut side - stereo