Queen ‘Discodays’ Exhibition in Naples report


Queen exhibition, Discodays, Naples 6 April 2014.

It’s always hard to explain in words the feelings coming from a full day dedicated to our passions. I’m not the one who can tell but the Queen event just passed was a great experience to remember.

A collector beyond being fan gets a particular pleasure in sharing his beloved treasures. Through records, posters and memorabilia a door is open to the history of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. You give new life to all these items and get transported in the past, just for few instants…. Hope to have shared just a little atom of all my passion and devotion for the last 30 years.

A special moment of the day which I’ll never forget. A new 4th generation, little fan, Davide, 8 yrs old with his shining eyes in front of all those items.. a genuine and pure passion that often we adults lose growing up. He lovely explained me the meaning of the Queen Crest, and ran crazily from one stand to another with unique astonishment which belongs only to kids. Just a little embarrassed when he saw the original promo photo of the naked girl on bike from the bicycle race single cover and he said : “Uh! mine has the red panties”.

Thanks to all fans who came in. Queen are so loved in the world. A great day!!

Here’s a link to the photo gallery: PHOTO GALLERY

All the best

Discodays exhibition
Discodays exhibition
Discodays Exhibition
Discodays Exhibition
Davide and Ferdy: ©Claudio Tassone

Davide and Ferdy: ©Claudio Tassone Photos courtesy: Ferdy QueenMuseum.com