Brian and Adam Talk To Cynthia Fox, Classic Rock Awards – Transcript and Footage


Adam and Brian Classic Rock Awards 2014

Adam, Brian, Cynthia Fox

As interviewed by our good friend, the wonderful Cynthia Fox, for 100.3FM The Sound …

TRANSCRIPT (by Jen Tunney,

CYNTHIA FOX: Congratulations to both of you. I think it’s fantastic and really exciting, and then first Brian, you’ve got Queen Forever coming out. It’s wonderful tracks. Freddie Mercury’s voice and your guitar together again and these are things that no one’s heard before?

BRIAN MAY: Yeah, it’s nice t find those things. They did leap out of the old analogue tapes very fresh and pure and clean. It’s been lovely working with them you know, and it didn’t take too much messing around. You know, you’ve got ProTools these days. You can start fixing things together and mending things, but what you’re hearing is the four of us playing together about 1984 or whatever it is, and it’s real and fresh and nice. I love it. It’s good to hear Freddie. Adam sings pretty good too, you know.

[ADAM LAMBERT laughs loudly]

BRIAN: You know, one of the tracks we’ve been doing on the tour with Adam and he sings “Love Kills” just so beautifully so …

ADAM: You know, it’s definitely been a balancing act of trying to make it my own without straying too far and still pay respect to Freddie, who I’m obsessed with. I love Freddie. You know, his voice, his showmanship. He’s been an icon for me since I was young and so, that’s it. It’s been very interesting and very rewarding and I think that the audience is aware of the tender balance we’re trying to …

CYNTHIA: And they love you for it.

Brian May and Adam Lambert Interview –

Brian May of Queen and Adam Lambert talk to Cynthia Fox on the Classic Rock Roll of Honour red carpet about the upcoming previously unreleased Freddie Mercury tracksAdam and Brian Classic Rock Awards 2014Adam, Brian, Cynthia Fox