Bubbles the Chimp Delayed Jacko and Freddie’s Duet by Nearly 30 Years


[According to the Mail on Sunday] … as he drove the Queen frontman ape

Editor: No mention of the llama ??

Michael Jackson and Bubbles


9 November 2014 by Angella Johnson

Only song recorded by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury to go on sale

There Must Be More To Life Than This was never completed in the 1980s

Mercury complained that Bubbles in the studio was a bizarre distraction

It has been billed as a rare moment in music history – the release of the only song ever recorded by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson together.

The unfinished track, which is going on sale tomorrow [Monday], was discovered only by chance after languishing for nearly 30 years at the bottom of a vault – and has been reworked by the surviving members of Mercury’s band Queen.

Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal the reason why the song, There Must Be More To Life Than This, was never completed back in the 1980s – the increasingly erratic behaviour of Jackson and the antics of his pet chimp Bubbles.