Dutch TV Queen Special


Sunday November 23rd. 22.00 (CET) , 21.00 (GMT) the premiere of Queen Forever in Holland at 192TV.

This is the First big Dutch Queen tv special. The Netherlands were always in love with Queen from the early beginning period of the band. This documentary was made by Queen fan Sikke van der Veen : “when we started this idea, I knew it had to be a projection of their seuccess in my country. There are already so many documentaries made about Queen, so we had to do something new. I gues this is the first time it is done by this, it helped a lot that in The Netherlands a lot of footage was shot when the band came down for a visit”.

The documentary will show a lot of unique Dutch recorded footage , some never seen before. “some footages are really great, when we started digging all those archives at the tv stations, we were thrilled to find some unbroadcasted stuff, and some 16mm film cans with thrilling content. We carefully restored the old fragile film reels, some were in poor condition. It is a pleassure to see these footages in this quality.”

The documentary will feature interviews with famous Dutchies who had something to do with the band. The Dutch concert promotor reveals a unique fact about their live period.

“We recieved only positive reactions to our promo dvd, everyone liked it.It is satisfying for the die hard Queenfan , and fun to watch for anyone who happens to “like” Queen. This is my personal tribute to the band”

Here is the trailer:


Queen Forever in Nederland – http://youtu.be/e1J-RJo-Tw8

On Monday november 24th. It will be re-broadcasted again at 22.00 (CET) and 21.00 (GMT).