Queen and Adam Lambert Are ‘Band Of The Year’ – Brian May Plays With Kings of Chaos



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Brian Accepts Award with Adam Lambert, Sammy Hagar by D Basner
Brian accepts BAND OF THE YEAR AWARD on behalf of
Queen and Adam Lambert!!
Presented by Sammy Hagar

Live Blog, Avalon Ballroom
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23.21pm: And that concludes our coverage from this evening’s event. Keep an eye on Classic Rock News for reports from the show, and tune into TeamRock Radio for highlights. It’s been a blast.

Kings of Chaos Set liat:
01 – Rock The Nation (Montrose) – Sammy Hagar
02 – Rock Candy (Montrose) – Sammy Hagar
03 – Burn (Deep Purple) – Glenn Hughes
04 – Tie Your Mother Down (Queen) – Joe Elliott/Brian May
05 – La Grange (ZZ Top) – Billy Gibbons/Joe Perry
06 – Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) – Billy Gibbons/Joe Perry

Brian with Kings of Chaos

Brian May with Kings of ChaosBrian May plays, Joe Elliott sings “Tie Your Mother Down” with Kings of Chaos

23.12: a flurry of activity as roadies rush onstage to dismantle the podium in record time, and Kings Of Chaos are onstage: Sammy Hagar, Joe Elliott, Billy Gibbons, Glenn Hughes, and lots of cowbell.   [Ed. Plus Brian May]

22.59: Joe Perry has left the stage. One award to go.

Brian May presents Maestro Award to Joe PerryBrian May presents Maestro Award to Joe Perry, watched by Sammy

22.58pm: And the Mastro Award goes to Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. HUGE ovation. Women weep, nations fall.

Brian May to present award to Joe PerryBrian May back onstage to give Joe Perry the Maestro Award – delivers citation for Joe Perry

22.55: Dr Brian May is here to present the Maestro Award. Brian his wearing a denim shirt and black jacket combination [Fashion note.]
9.57pm: Next up, it’s a biggie: Band of the Year, sponsored by UMG. And it’s Brian May and Adam Lambert onstage, which means their Royal Majesties Queen have triumphed, and are claiming the statuette.
9.07pm: Sammy Hagar … is in the wings, limbering up, ready to start presenting the awards..

Bruce Kulick, Brian May, Eddie KramerTWEET from: Bruce Kulick @brucekulick
At the Classic Rock Awards in LA tonight with Eddie Kramer and Brian May! @DrBrianMay @EdKramerTweets

8.35pm: People have been asking about the menu, so here goes.

Starter: mixed greens with red flamed grapes, gorgonzola and candied walnuts, served with champagne vinaigrette dressing on the side.
Entree: Roasted garlic and pepper crusted New York strip in a portwine glaze, garlic whipped potatoes, steamed asparagus with garlic and lemon zest.
Desert: flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream, raspberry drizzle on the side garnished with mint.

Adam Lambert, Anita Dobson and Brian May - dinnerAdam Lambert, Anita Dobson and Brian May at the dinner.
That’s Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine a few seats to Brian’s right.

Adam, Brian and Anita at dinner + Jim BeachBrian, Adam, Anita and Jim Beach
Photo credit unknown Source: @PattiHum http://adamlamberttv.blogspot.co.uk

8.22pm: Joe Perry and Dr Brian May. Two of the world’s finest axemen compare expensive coats.

Brian and Joe Perry

Joe Perry with Brian May

Dave Basner interviews Adam and BrianAdam Lambert and Brian May with Dave Basner at AVALON HOLLYWOOD

Dave Basner VH1 interviewing - Brian May in BackgroundComedian Eric Idle – Brian May in background with Cynthia Fox – Photo Pam Landry


Adam Lambert on Red CarpetAdam Lambert – posted by limachips

7.30pm: things may settle down for a while now as a three-course dinner is served. We’ll try and get some pictures of food. Just spotted Zakk Wylde, Eric Idle, Joe Perry, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne. This could get quite nasty.
7.24pm: we dive inside, and it’s started without us. Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts are live on stage, providing an extremely rocking start to the show.
7.08pm. Holy Crap. Dr Brian May, Greg Allman, Sammy Hagar and Shep Gordon have all arrived at once. Panic stations