Giorgio Moroder on working with Freddie

Giorgio Moroder
Giorgio Moroder

The Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder has hinted he may be in line as a judge on Simon Cowell’s new ‘Ultimate DJ’ show. Also spoke of working with Freddie.

Giorgio Moroder for Ultimate DJ?
29 May 2015

Giorgio, 75, would bring a wealth of experience to the project as he is considered one of the main pioneers of synth disco and electronic dance music, while he has also made music with legends such as Donna Summer, Sir Elton John, Blondie and David Bowie.

However, it is the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury who Giorgio credits with being the biggest ”diva” he has ever worked with as he found it uncomfortable critiquing the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ singer.

Metropolis and old photo Giorgio Moroder

He said: ”Singers are usually very friendly (but) I had a little bit of a problem with one of the best ever: Freddie Mercury. He was a very intimidating person, one of the best composers, singers, lyricists and divas. To tell Freddie, ‘You know that high note? Do it again.’ That’s not something you do.”