Nepal Urgently Needs Our Help – MPT launches appeal – Roger Taylor Message


Mercury Phoenix Trust launches Nepal Appeal in support of Prerana


Dear precious, valued supporters of The Mercury Phoenix Trust.
After a second major earthquake in Nepal our support for Prerana helping with young people at risk from HIV and STI in this tragically affected area becomes even more vital! Every bit helps, and we send our immense thanks and admiration to you for your kindness and humanity! At your service…….Roger T X
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The Mercury Phoenix Trust urgently needs your support to help our friends at Prerana in Nepal, a local experienced NGO working on prevention for youths at risk of HIV & STI in the Kathmandu Valley. The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been supporting Prerana for over 10 years. Prerana’s awareness programmes have been disrupted and, along with many other local NGOs, they will be facing enormous challenges in the months to come.

Disturbing reports from Nepal indicate that in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake while hundreds of thousands in poor rural communities are struggling to rebuild their lives, tens of thousands of young women are at risk of being abducted and forced into the sex trade. Taken to brothels, these girls are beaten, raped and infected with HIV.

Sajina from Prerana sent us this message:

Thank you so much for your generosity and concern. Our entire team is very glad and thankful for all the efforts of MPT team. Through this regular communication you have supported us emotionally and morally to cope up all the difficulties. It was a tragic moment where many of us became homeless and lossed our near and dear ones. But time moves on and so should we. This is a crucial stage where everyone should try their level best to help one another and boost up to stay strong and move forward. Quake survivors are having numerous problems physically and mentally. They are homeless, hungry , thirsty and at the same time they are disturbed mentally facing post traumatic disorder. It is heart wrenching to know that when whole nation is crying, human traffickers are busy in supplying sex trade. We are keenly interested about raising awareness to quake survivors regarding this issue. They are mentally disturbed, traumatized and are vulnerable to such cases.

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The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been supporting AIDS awareness charities in Nepal since 1996.