Adam Lambert and Alan Carr do ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’


Adam Lambert was a guest on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” TV show last weekend – Channel 4 Friday 16 October, in the UK Seriew 15, episode 6. After their interview, they attempted to re-created the 4-head’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ video.

Their talk strayed to the subject of rumours of playing Glastonbury next year with Queen.

“Why do we even care about the rumours, baby? I don’t know! That’s the first time [i’m] hearing of it, so I don’t know. If they invited me, yes, of course I would [play].”

On the members of Queen, Adam commented: “Roger [Taylor] is still a rock star. He loves his clothing. And Brian [May] is sweet and gentle and has humanitarian things he likes to talk about. It’s lovely because we take a jet – it spoils me! It’s fun because we talk about everything. They’re amazing and really cool guys – great sense of humour and great stories that they tell from the past. It’s good.”

The video for Adam’s new single ‘Another Lonely Night’ was aired during the programme. The single will be released on 13 November.

Adam Lambert – Chatty Man (Bohemian Rhapsody) 16/10/15

Full episode HERE until 16 November 2015 –
not suitable for younger viewers, adult humour