Lighting for the Q+AL Tour

Queen and Adam Lambert on tour
Queen and Adam Lambert on tour

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Queen + Adam Lambert Rock Out with Robe in Brazil
26 October 15


Queen + Adam Lambert’s recent Latin American tour comprised six incendiary shows in Argentina, Chile and Brazil, featuring a suitably impressive lightshow created by UK based designer Rob Sinclair, who has brought his magic visual touch to the QAL project since 2012.

Lighting for the three Brazilian dates in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre was supplied by leading Latam rental company LPL who are based in Sao Paolo … and featured a total of 137 Robe ColorSpot and ColorWash 2500E ATs.

This was a continuation of the ongoing 2014-15 world tour which had visited North America, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The band wanted their hugely enthusiastic Latam fanbase to experience the proper touring QAL experience, so brought their full production including Q-shaped set and ramp, sniffer kabuki, smoke and cryo machines and backline, sourcing the lighting, LED screens and PA locally.

In the original heyday of Queen, the band were known for their gargantuan PAR can lighting rigs and back walls, and Rob has taken that base aesthetic as a start point, reimagined it and presented its essence in a highly contemporary design which takes advantage of modern lighting technology as well as his own ideas.

When the equipment is supplied locally like this, he will work with various different lighting fixtures, and was pleased when Robe’s 2500 series was offered in Brazil. “They were bright and did what I needed,” he commented.

A big wall of 97 ColorSpot 2500E ATs framed the large circular video screen and the 40 x ColorWash 2500E ATs were used for side and front light and also upstage behind the band.

Rob ran the lighting on a Jands Vista console, working closely with IMAG video director Steve Price and Nev Bull co-ordinating the playback video content. Together they crafted a modern Queen-esque show to accompany some epic performances that thrilled the crowds. MORE