Mika sings a homage to Freddie Mercury on tour – ‘Last Party’


On 18 Octobe 2015, Mika wrapped his latest tour at the Adelphi Theatre….

Dressed in a black suit embroidered with glittery fireworks, the singer expressed his happiness to be performing at the Adelphi Theatre and reminded the audience that he could see each and everyone of them. Playing the piano, dancing, singing and interacting with the public, Mika pleased everybody by performing his hits (Grace Kelly, Lollipop, Relax, Happy Ending) but also tracks from his most recent album: the catchy Talk About You, Good Guys and Last Party, an homage to Freddie Mercury and a very moving and beautiful song.

Unfortunately no footage of this song from the last show, but here it is from earlier in the tour… Touching.

Mika “The Last Party” The Belasco Theater May 6, 2015