Press Release: Musical We Will Rock You opens Theatre Santander, Sao Paulo


We Will Rock You

Great worldwide success has been seen by over 15 million people in 17 countries

Caradiboi Art and Sports in association with Queen Theatrical Productions, Phil McIntyre Entertainments and Tribeca Theatrical Productions, is pleased to bring to the country one of the most watched musical of all time, We Will Rock You. The musical debuts March 24. The production is a Caradiboi and Atual Consulting Partnership.

Written by comedian and English author Ben Elton in collaboration with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor, the production opened the curtains for the first time on 14 May 2002, at the Dominion Theatre in London. The musical tour has already passed the stage of the five continents.

The show is based on Queen music group, consisting in 24 of the biggest hits of the band. For writer Ben Elton, We Will Rock You is unlike anything that has been done. “It is more than a musical and more than a rock concert,” he says.

This great success took six years to complete. The idea for the musical came after a meeting between the actor Robert De Niro with musicians Brian May and Roger Taylor, in Venice in 1996. De Niro’s daughter was a big fan of the Queen and the actor asked if the legends of rock had never thought of creating a musical based on their songs. That was the beginning of everything.


The story of We Will Rock You happens 300 years in the future. The land is now owned by a company called Global Soft. Globalisation is complete and individuality is a taboo. Everyone watches the same movies, wear the same clothes and think the same things. The music is generated by computers Global Soft, rock music is no longer heard and all musical instruments are banned. The hope of freedom lies in a small group, the Bohemians, waiting for a hero to lead them to bring rock back to people’s lives.

“The show is about legends,” explains Ben Elton. “We take the legend of Queen and create our own fantastical story of young people fighting against large corporations who want to suppress their individuality and love of music. They need a hero and we have two; the dreamer Galileo and Scaramouche audacious rocker. Guess who wins in the end?” He concludes.

In Brazil, the actors
Alirio Netto (Galileo)
Felipe de Carolis (Catch)
Fred Silveira (Khashoggi)
Livia Dabarian (Scaramouche)
Andrezza Massei (Killer Queen)
Nicholas Maia (Brit) and
Thais Piza (Ozzy)

were the chosen to give life to the main characters in the musical. – Beto Sargenteli, also participate in the ensemble and makes alternating with Galileo.

Besides them, 18 more actors perform at We Will Rock You.

Besides the actors, a talented band of eight musicians accompany the presentations. It took two days of testing for the members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor choose the professionals. The chosen musicians were:

Rodrigo Hyppolito (assistant musical director and keyboards)
Thiago Rodrigues (keyboards)
Mario Gaiotto (drums)
Fabio Stamato (guitar)
Luke Vianna (guitar)
Renato Leite (bass) and
Yara Oliveira (percussion).


Galileo – is a misfit, he hears in his head music and strange voices. He does not fit into society of children Ga Ga and has been caught while trying to play music. Galileo is confused and does not know he is the person for whom the Bohemians expect.

Toca – Fomer librarian. His memory was not completely erased. He is responsible for directing Galileo and Scaramouche to the final solution for the search of the lost instruments.

Khashoggi – Works for Killer Queen, chasing anyone who wants to play the music of the past. He is hunting the Bohemians.

Scaramouche – Another misfit, which also gets in trouble with the secret police. Galileo knows her in a hospital and they run away together. Her keen intelligence makes Galileo out of danger, and over time, they fall in love.

Killer Queen – It’s a cruel businesswoman who is the head of the Global Soft, a global corporation that was responsible for the prohibition of live music on the planet. She is crazy about power.

Brit – Member of the Bohemians group that intends to discover the secrets of live music played. Waiting for the arrival of the person who will lead them to discover the lost instruments of the band Queen.

Ozzy – rocker Gata. Fellow Brit, she fights for freedom of expression.


Theatre Santander is part of the complex WTorre Plaza, located in Vila Olimpia, Sao Paulo (SP), which brings in 410,000 meters square entrepreneurial three towers, a corporate building and the shopping upscale JK Iguatemi. Built by WTorre, the project is signed by the US office Eskew + Dumez + Ripple, fronted Edo Rocha Architecture. Investment in Theatre Santander is R $ 100 million.

Considered multipurpose due to various configurations of possibilities and uses thanks to the folding arm system, the space has capacity to receive different types of events such as fashion shows, corporate events and Broadway plays without the need for any adjustment.

The capacity of the main room is 1,200 seated spectators and can accommodate up to 1,800 if the seats are taken. Are 8000 meters of building area, with a stage of 400 m², scene of mouth 14 meters high and 56 motorized scenographic sticks. Access can be by Av. Chedid Jafet or Av. Juscelino Kubitchek. The WTorre Plaza complex has 6,200 parking spaces, and the Theatre Santander offers 100 unique spaces.